Rodent damage to real estate

Rodent damage to real estate

Rodent and Pest Damage

Rodents and pests can cause expensive damage quickly. It can also be  dangerous as well. It is estimated that rodents such as Rats cause up to 20% of all structure fires in the US annually. Rodents constantly chew through materials in their environment. The incisor teeth on rats never stop growing and they need to gnaw them down. This can cause serious problems like structure, pipes, wiring, and HVAC tubes. If you hear noises or suspect rodent activity call us for a free quote Hawk Pest Control. We offer humane trapping and removal, not leaving behind dangerous chemicals or traps.  Leave the wildlife exclusion to the experts!


1.Structure Damage

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You can usually see signs of this on your exterior walls. Have you ever seen small holes like the picture above? Rodents can burrow in and climb all the way to your attic and get inside you walls. This allows water damage in though siding, fascia, and soffit. This can get expensive really quick, did you know replacing siding on a whole average home can cost up to $16,000? Water will cause wood rot and need replacing. Also with the humidity in the metro Atlanta area this can cause mold.  This is where squirrel removal should be taken care of sooner than later.



New types of plumbing are great. We have replaced all these older cast iron and galvanized pipes with things like PVC and Pex lines. One single water line can cause thousands of dollars in damage OVERNIGHT. Imagine a supply line on your upstairs bath room leaking down though Sheetrock, flooring, sub floor, floor joists, and furniture. One sign of an issue is brown spots on ceiling drywall.



So lets say they chew though some supply lines letting out all your Freon. It can actually be difficult for a contractor to even track down the source of a leak. If you have an older HVAC system that carries R-22 then you have an even bigger issue. That refrigerant has been outlawed  as of Jan 1st 2020. It will either be very expensive for a recharge or need a whole new system and supply lines.  Easliy reaching into the 4-5 thousand range.


4.Wiring and Fire Damage

Your wiring inside your walls is vulnerable to rodent damage. Besides the obvious dangers of starting a fire. Side note please make sure all rooms have a smoke detector. If not you can even just buy battery powered smoke detectors from Home Depot and install them yourself in under 10 mins. You might even have older 2-ire systems with braided wires. These are particularly easy for rats to chew through. This leads to you needing full  permits to repair and hire a licensed contractor to do upgrades. Any work done now needs to be brought up to code. This can mean rewiring your WHOLE house and getting a new electrical panel with 200 amps. Even the line from the street to your house will need to be replaced. This is an easy 8 to 10 thousand dollars.


Overall if you hear any noises or see any visible damage call an expert for a free estimate. Check our list here of rodent control types: Species Guide. Did you know if this type of damage happens on a vacant property your insurance may not even cover it? Most policies do not cover homes that have been vacant for 60 days. If you have a property like this your best option might be to sell to a company such as We Buy Houses Atlanta that you can sell your house fast for cash. Or you always have the option if repairs aren’t too severe to sell via retail market with an agent with knowledge of repairs and upgrades like Real Estate Agent Atlanta

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